Mechanized Water Systems

In December of 2015, four LPGA professionals visited Africa with Betsy King to see the work Golf Fore Africa is doing to bring clean water and sanitation to rural villages in Zambia. LPGA pros Amy Anderson, Cheyenne Woods, Kendall Dye and Kristy McPherson spent 4 days in villages dedicating new wells and witnessing the drilling of a new borehole.
In one village they saw a mechanized water system installed by World Vision that was supplying water to a health facility, school, marketplace, churches, and all the homes in the community. The system included an elevated water tank, underground pipes and 47 water points (faucets). Solar panels generate energy from the sun to pull water from the pump, up into storage tanks, allowing gravity to feed water to the water points located throughout the community. This mechanized system was bringing clean water to 10,000 people. The cost of this mechanized system was $50,000.


On the last day of our trip, while we were waiting in South Africa for our flight back to the US, the pros pledged as a group to raise funds for more mechanized water systems. They had seen firsthand the difference clean water makes for a community. Their desire is to make a difference in other communities in Zambia. As Kendall Dye said “Water is so great, so powerful, so life changing. We want to do more and more and more.”
We need your help! We are looking for fans, friends and sponsors to help us get the job done and provide clean water to thousands of people.
Goal: $50,000 | Raised to Date: $34,570