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Family & Friends Well

I have been involved with Betsy King’s charity Golf Fore Africa and their LPGA Pro-Am tournaments for over 8 years and have seen Betsy’s passion and commitment to help families and children in Africa.

I felt so strongly about the work that GFA is doing to help fund World Vision projects that are dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty that I accepted their invitation to join the Golf Fore Africa board in 2016.

GFA has been working in Zambia to bring CLEAN WATER to rural villages. Nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide lack access to clean water, and everyday 1,000 children die from diarrhea caused by unsafe water.

Most of these people live in isolated rural areas – women and children spend hours every day walking to collect (usually unsafe) water for their family instead of caring for their families or attending school.

World Vision works together with the villagers to not only build and maintain the wells, but trains them about proper hygiene and sanitation as well as educating them about irrigation for crops.

As part of my commitment, I have pledged to fund a well in Zambia. I’m asking my family and friends to join me. $15,000 funds one well and impacts an entire community. I greatly appreciate everyone who has already donated and look forward to others joining us. I will be going to Africa in December and will dedicate the well we fund.


Watch this video for more information.

Your support is needed to help bring clean water to Zambia! Please donate to this campaign and help us end the global water crisis.


Thank You To These Generous Supporters – Total $ raised is $15,815.50
Warner T Howe
Michelle Howe
Goldman Sachs Matching Grant
Jeanie & Jim Holzinger
Sheila Grady
Jean Moore
Chris Hardman
Emily Cunningham
Jean Bassett
Jane Donoghue
Lois Adams
Mary Mauterstock
Althea Bremner
Judy Harrison
Martha Verdina
Melanie Gallagher
Ann Carroll
Patti Pawloski
Ardith Talbott
Judith Barnstead
Harry Hardy
Timothy Hardy
Lee & Ed Beach
Tyler Howe
Marybeth Tarrant
Joanne Liberles
Joanne Hughes
Ann Mahoney
Judy McCarthy
Diane Conrad
Ed & Valerie Lewis
Pat Eggers
Bill & Susan Eifert
Janet Baxter
Ellen Ehrhart
Mary Berzinis
Marna Piers
Chris Hardy
Debbie Quesada
Jan & Pat Susee
Robin and Jim McInnis
Karen Robbins
Cynthia Bingham
Judith Miller
Deb Klein
Jane Dolan
Maria Gay
Ann Deming
Irene Matthews
Ann Slowik
Jane Samiotes
Nancy Manning
Jane Affleck