500 Hundred Miles for Water

This was Jim’s second journey on the Camino de Santiago. In Jim’s words, “For those of you that followed my blog during the first journey, you know of the constant challenges I faced everyday. Overcoming those challenges and completing the 500-mile pilgrimage changed me. This first Camino was a walk of gratitude for all the incredible blessings in my life— I haven’t been the same since.

Over the past year, thoughts about returning began to grow louder. I thought Why? What will be my purpose on this trip? When my wife Robin came home from her second visit to Africa with Golf Fore Africa and World Vision, she shared her experiences with me, explaining the plight of Africa’s women and their daily struggle to obtain clean water. After hearing these stories, my reason for walking a second time became quite clear…
On this walk, I will walk to help others in need. I will walk for change – I will walk for water.
It is disturbing to me to think about all of the people in the world, nearly 800 million, that are without access to clean drinking water. In Africa, women and girls are the primary water-fetchers, spending most of their lives walking miles, multiple times daily, to fetch and carry the unclean and often disease-ridden water that is their only option. This results in illnesses and deaths, primarily in children under age 5. I am compelled to do my part to change this.
As I take each step of the 500-mile journey of The Camino, I will think of those who walk miles, everyday, just to survive. By sponsoring me on my walk, we will be raising awareness and providing funds for clean water wells in Zambia, Africa. In doing so, we will be helping entire communities to thrive, as access to clean water brings wellness and opportunity and, ultimately, changes lives, in a large and lasting way.” -Camino Jim

Jim completed his walk, raising $105,000! Thank you, Jim, and for all who supported him in this amazing venture to raise awareness and funds for the children of Zambia!

Jim traveled to Africa with his wife Robin in May 2016. They visited Simuyaba Village to dedicate one of the seven wells his walk funded. They witnessed the drilling of a borehole and saw firsthand how water changes everything for the people in Zambia.

Thank you to the many people who supported his walk!